Collection: Snap Bar Scented Wax Melts

Discount will be automatically applied when you add 10 snap bar soy wax melts of your choice to your basket. Can't decide on fragrances? Our 10 bar mystery box is the perfect solution!

Our highly scented soy wax melts are free from paraffin wax. We only use the the highest quality natural wax blends comprising of soy wax and coconut. This ensures clean, smoke free scented wax melts that are better quality for you, and better for the environment.

All our scented soy wax melts are hand poured, cruelty free, non toxic and vegan friendly. We have created a vast range of fragrances so there is sure to be a fragrance for every occasion!

Simply snap of the required amount of highly scented wax from the snap bar and add to your electric warmer or use tea lights in a traditional wax melter/wax burners. An electric burner is often preferred by our customers as you do not have to replace a tealight in the burner.

Can I reuse wax melts? You can indeed reuse wax melts until the fragrance has disappeared. When the wax melt is no longer highly scented, simply pop the used wax melt out from the dish. Keep the dish clean from wax by giving it a wipe, ready for the next fragrance or scent type.

At the Fragrance Studio we believe that soy wax melts offer the best performance in terms of home fragrance. With. multiple scents to choose from, you can create a beautiful ambience in your own home.

We use the highest fragrance percentages to create long lasting home fragrances but at an affordable price.