How To Clean A Wax Melter

How To Clean A Wax Melter

There are several reasons why, at some point, you will need to know how to clean a wax melter. Wether it’s because you want to change over to a new fragrance, you want to remove the wax currently in the burner, or your burner dish is just simply in need of a clean.

There are multiple ways of achieving this and some may work better than others depending the type of wax burner you use or even the type of wax melt that you burn. In all cases, you will first need to remove the old wax so this is where we will start.


Wax melt removal

The first step is to remove the old wax from the dish of the burner. If you’re lucky you just pop it out in one piece and dispose of it in the bin. If you’re not so lucky, then you may need to try something else. Listed below are multiple ways to remove your wax melt.


Pop out your wax melt

This is by far the most simple and easiest method of removing your old wax melt. Once the wax has cooled completely and solidified, you can pop it out in one piece. Use an implement such as a butter knife to try and get under the wax and it should lift out in one piece. It is crucial that you have left the wax long enough after use so that it has completely hardened. If the wax is still warm then this will not work. This is also difficult to do if you are using a softer wax blend such as pure soy.

If you are struggling with this or your wax is too soft even after leaving to cool, you can put the dish into the freezer for 15 mins. This should not only further solidify the wax but also allow it to shrink away from the wax burner dish, making it much easier to remove.

Make sure to not scratch or damage your wax melt dish if you using an implement to remove the wax. Most wax melt burner dishes are made of glass and can therefore be quite fragile.


Pour it out

Using this method of wax removal is much quicker as you do not have to wait for the wax to solidify. After switching you wax melt burner off or extinguishing your tea light, carefully pour the wax in to the bin. After the wax has been poured away just give the dish a wipe over with some kitchen roll to remove any wax melt residue left over. 

Please bear in mind that the unit and wax itself may be still be hot. If needed you can use a tea towel to hold the wax melt dish ensuring you do not burn yourself.


Soak it up

Rather than pouring out the wax when you have finished, this method involves soaking it up. If you place cotton wool into the liquid wax and wait a few minutes, the wax will soak into the cotton and can then be disposed of. After you have soaked up as much wax as possible, give the dish a wipe with a cloth or kitchen roll to remove any excess wax.


Using a liner in your dish

By using a liner in the dish of your wax burner you can easily remove the wax when the time comes. The line is made from a durable silicone allowing you to simply peel it away from the wax melt once it has cooled.


Next step after wax removal

Once you have removed the old wax make sure to give the dish a clean. There may still be some residue left behind and this could impact the next fragrance that you decide to use. Look out for any blobs of wax that may be left over from the wax removal.

An electric wax burner will probably need no further cleaning apart from a general wipe over to remove any dust.

A tealight wax burner will need to be cleaned inside where the tealight sits. There will be soot deposits from the candle that can be wiped off with a damp cloth. There may also be some wax residue in the base from the tealight. Try to clean as much of this as possible by either scraping it off or giving a good wipe with a cloth or kitchen roll.



It is good practice to clean your wax melter regularly in order to gain the best fragrance possible from your wax melts. If your wax melter is not regularly cleaned it may impact it’s performance or cause issues with old and new scents making each other 

Many people often struggle with knowing the best method to use when it comes to cleaning their wax melter. Hopefully this article has helped that by giving you multiple effective ways and techniques to keep your wax melter in tip top condition. 

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