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Are wax melts safe for pets?

With wax melts becoming the most popular way to add fragrance to your home, many often worry if they are safe for our beloved pets. Is there a better way or a safer alternative to wax melts?


Are wax melt ingredients toxic?

Wax melts are made from very few ingredients. These are commonly, a wax blend, fragrance and any decorative substances such as glitter and colour.

The main component that people often worry about is the wax and if it is a natural blend or paraffin based.

The general consensus is that there is no substantial evidence to say that any type of wax releases chemicals in quantities that could be harmful to health. According to healthline a 2007 study tested for over 300 types of chemical and found that of the chemicals released during the use of candle wax, none were recorded at harmful levels.

Still, many people believe that natural wax blends such as soy and coconut, are a safer alternative than paraffin based blends. This is why at the Fragrance Studio we use a natural soy and coconut blend for our wax melts.


What about the fragrance?

The burning of scented wax melts and candles can release volatile organic compounds into the air. It is unclear if these compounds from different fragrances have any impact on health. 

It is possible that some pets such as cats and dogs could have an allergy to a specific compound found in certain fragrance blends. If you notice your pet sneezing or itching it is worth noting that they may have an allergy to the wax melt you are currently using.


Wax melts and aquariums

It is worth noting that certain pets such as aquatic animals can often be very sensitive to any volatile organic compounds within the atmosphere. Due to this, it would be advisable to not use wax melts in any room where an aquarium is located.

This ensures that no VOC’s could be dissolved into the aquarium water and cause any health issues.


Essential oils

There are many essential oils that are toxic to cats and dogs. For this reason, it is better to avoid any wax melts containing essential oils. While the burning of the fragrance may not cause any harm, it would certainly cause an issue if a dog or cat were to accidentally chew or swallow a wax melt containing essential oils.


Wax melt burner

One point often overlooked when it comes to pets and wax melt safety is the wax burner itself. Wax melt burners that use a tealight often get very hot posing a burn risk. They could also be knocked over by an over enthusiastic dog causing a fire hazard.

With pets in your house, it would be much safer to use an electric wax melt burner. These often run at a lower temperature leaving no risk of a burn injury. They also utilise a heating element to provide the warmth meaning that there is no naked flame to cause a potential fire risk.



So, are wax melts safe for pets? The best we can do is to try and mitigate as many potential problems as we can. Millions of homes around the world use wax melts on a daily basis and have not had any adverse effects on the health of their pets.

Where possible try to steer clear of petroleum based wax like paraffin and avoid using any wax melts that contain essential oils.

Store your wax melts in a safe place where they can’t be accessed by curious pets. This ensures there will never be any issues with pets accidentally ingesting any melts. 

Remember to look out for any signs and symptoms that your wax melts could be casing an allergic reaction to your pets.



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